4/4/17 – Day 2 – The Grand Canyon

So, I’m glad I slept in my car. The weather report I read last night said there was a slight chance of light rain at like 3am, but clear the rest of the night and lows around 40f. I just woke to it raining, and as I sat in the car waiting for it to warm up, it switched to snow.

The drive west to the Grand Canyon was uneventful. I spent most of the time thinking about campers and the like, trying to decide if I would get any use out of one. I like the idea of not having to deal with a tent when the weather is bad and I’m just staying the night and moving on in the morning. Take this morning for example. Since I decided to sleep in my car, I didn’t have a wet tent to pack and I was soaked and freezing. I was lucky that the weather was clear when I cooked dinner.

So far what I have decided is to look into full-sized SUVs. With as little travel as I will do in the foreseeable future, just having a bigger interior would solve most of my problems. Preferably it would be big enough that I could fold down a seat and stretch out. This remains to be seen.

I stopped at the continental divide for a snack.

Eventually I made it to the Grand Canyon. FYI, at&t has zero reception here. The park has public WiFi, but it is very slow. They do have a very respectable grocery store, but they charge a premium for that convenience. I didn’t look at the prices at the restaurants.  My campsite is very nice.  Large and clean.  There are plenty of paved paths between the areas, all the way to the rim.

I got some good shots from the south rim. It looks like I won’t need my microspikes when I go down the trail. There is very little snow and all of the ice warnings are down.

Miles Driven: 467 mi
Time Driving: 8h30m

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