4/5/17 – Day 3 – The Grand Canyon South Rim

It got cold last night. My key fob thermometer said it was in the lower 20s in my tent when I went to bed at 10p.  No idea how cold it got overnight. My fancy 0°f sleeping bag is not a 0°f bag anymore. I ended up pulling my quilt over my bag. At that point I was warm and toasty. My air mattress did a great job insulting me from the ground.

Someone was nice enough to set off their car alarm at sunrise since I forgot to set my alarm. They even snoozed it for me and set it off again at about 6:30.  At that point I was awake.

My attempt to upload pictures didn’t go so well. It was taking 7-10 minutes for each pic. I gave up after three. I’ll go back and edit all of my Grand Canyon posts and add the pictures after I leave here.

I talked to a ranger about trail conditions and he informed me that the rock slide that closed the North Kaibab Trail also closed the bridge over the Colorado River on the Bright Angel Trail. So right now I’m planning on going down and back South Kaibab tomorrow.

I spent the morning walking along the Rim Trail from Bright Angel Trail to Hermits Rest. After lunch, I’m going to walk the rest of Rim Trail.

Grand Canyon National Park Map

Or part of it. I went to the South Kaibab trailhead by bus then walked back to the visitors center. After that I called it a day.

Miles Driven: 0 mi
Time Driving: 0m

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