4/7/17 – Day 5 – More driving!

I got up at sunrise, finished off my bacon and packed up camp. I left the Grand Canyon out its east entrance, stopping at a few of the scenic vistas along the way.


Just before leaving the park is an old watchtower that has some very impressive views.


On my way up to Utah, I had to stop to get my oil changed. On the way out of town, I crossed over Glen Canyon Dam at the end of Lake Powell. Damn it was a big dam.


I made it to Ponderosa Grove Campground around 4pm. That puts me about an hour from Zion National Park.


I decided to make it a lazy day and spend the afternoon reading. Right now my biggest worry is if I’m going to bother with setting up my tent, cowboy camp, or be lazy and sleep in my car.

Miles Driven: 229 mi
Time Driving: 6h

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