6/25/18 – Badlands National Park

I started my trip to Glacier with a long drive up to the Badlands in South Dakota. It was 820 miles of mostly farmland to the park entrance. The less said about that stretch, the better.

I made it the east entrance at 7pm mst, with about an hour and a half of sunlight remaining. The park is beautiful, but if you are short on time, the east half is the more striking destination.

I made it to Sage Creek Campgrounds just as the sun was setting and found a place to park. When I walked to the east side of the campground to take a few more pictures, I was greeted my a lone bison, grazing not but a hundred feet away. Over the next hour of him ignoring all of us taking pictures, he got as close as about 25 feet for my car!

On this trip, I did a little bit more planning and now have a comfortable way to sleep in my car. By scooting my drivers seat all the way forward and taking off the headrest, then folding down it and the seat behind it, I have enough room to stretch out. Some folded quilts are stacked up to level out the front and back. Hopefully this works well. It will help out on long driving days so I won’t have to set up a full campsite late at night just to tear it down in the morning.

Miles Driven: 858
Time Driving: 13 hr 9 min

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