6/27/18 – Yellowstone

The old pull a sheet over my head trick worked to take care of the street lights and condensation wasn’t a problem this morning. So I set off and made my way into the park.

Entering from the east, I drove by Yellowstone Lake and then stopped at the Mud Volcano area. The whole place smelled like someone had set off a ton of fireworks.

After leaving Mud Volcano, I briefly got internet connection and saw that my first pick campsite was already full (at 10am), so I decided to forgo any more stops and find a site. Luckily, Indian Creek had plenty of open sites.

After eating lunch at camp, I made my way north to Mammoth Hot Springs and looked at all of the surreal landscape.

From there, I continued clockwise around Grand Loop to Tower Falls.

At the falls, someone I was talking to said they had seen a family of bears just a little ways north and east in the Lamar Valley, so I looped back that way. I didn’t see any bears there, but I did see lots of other wildlife, including a bison about 5 feet from the road.

My last stop for the day was the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The trail to the upper falls was closed, but the trail to the lower falls brought me right to the edge of the falls.

Miles Driven: 214.6
Time Driving: 5 hr 9 min

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